Viewing Online Content With Zinc

I’m an avid reader of and their forums, but was quite surprised to see this review up, but it’s very much detailed and feel you would all enjoy it. Zinc is an interesting software for HTPC’s that hasn’t really taken off, but it still provides some nice value and is free after all. It’s main focus is integrating online video content (including Hulu) into a 10′ Interface I’m not crazy about, but it’s pretty good for what it’s trying to do. Check it out.


The nice thing about the RSS feeds is that you aren’t locked in to the default online content provided by Zinc. If there is a site with an RSS feed (including videos) odds are you can add it to Zinc. Since my son is on a big Scooby Doo kick, I searched around and found the RSS feed for KidsWB. From here a list of all available shows appeared, so I clicked on Scooby Doo and sure enough I had thumbnails (although of poor quality) of various Scooby Doo episodes ready to be watched.