Blu-ray Web connection possible without disc

Are you part of the minority that feels BD-Live is so awesome and you get so excited to see what new items you can buy from a movie or some trailers for some completely unrelated movies? If so, then this will make you happy, as studios are going to potentially use this technology to bring this content to you without needing the disc. Personally, I can’t remember the last time I even found anything remotely useful or entertaining via BD-Live, but hopefully that will change.

Video Business

With design partner Videon Central, RCDb has come up with a disc-free solution that will increase the number of ways studios can offer content to Blu-ray hardware owners. Going forward, studios could offer extra content to Blu-ray households that isn’t tied to a specific Blu-ray disc. This technology is expected to be integrated into future Blu-ray set-tops but is not available on existing models.