Paradigm SUB 1 and SUB 2 subwoofers are hexagonal, expensive, loud


Let’s be clear here, a lot of people will probably choose to invest this amount of money in their ENTIRE home theater. However, if you are of the lucky folks that can, $3500 will get you this super awesome sub for your theater (or $7500 for the SUB 2). Or I could sell you my car for far less, it’s really up to you, but this will probably impress people more!



Premium audio kit manufacturer Paradigm have obviously had enough of subwoofers being the breezeblock-shaped lump unloved in the corner, and have whipped out their SUB 1 and SUB 2 models. Each high-end hexagon slots neatly into the company’s Reference Signature line, and pack six high-excursion drivers – 8-inch in the SUB 1, 10-inch in the SUB 2 – together with more amplification than most people could realistically need.