ATi CableCard 1.19 Copy Freely Works W/ Vista

Remember how everyone said that the new ATI firmware would only work work with a Windows 7 network? Would Microsoft stoop to pushing Windows 7 upgrades. Personally, I think that would be unpossible myself. Kidding aside, we have a reliable source that indicates the new firmware and the copy freely feature will WORK with Vista machines as the client and the "server". If you recall, Vista was supposed to continue to copy protect all content and eliminate playback on other machines. The new firmware appears to remove this "feature" and allow for copy freely to work with Windows 7 and Vista.

We are not sure if this is something that slipped through the firmware build and maybe rectified later by ATI or Microsoft? Hopefully this will help our readers by saving a few upgrade dollars later down the road. This has not been tested by the folks at, so please take it as a rumor for now and hope it turns out that way. 

The CableCard sure has gotten a nice boost in the last few weeks :). Glad to see Microsoft and its partners taking it in the right direction.