Yamaha neoHD Review: Receiver Redefined? Almost.


Yamaha is trying some new things with this neoHD system and setup, and while it does deliver on a couple points, the author at Gizmodo feels it’s still a work in progress. I prefer a more traditional looking receiver, but in the end it’s all about quality and performance. If interested, it’s good to hear that setup is at least a breeze.



The NeoHD may support 5.1 surround sound, but it dubs itself a "media connector," not a receiver. That’s because the model I tested, the YMC-700 ($800), includes ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB drive support. The other big NeoHD revolution is supposed to be its Logitech Harmony-like interface. And the kicker? It’s all managed by the most minimal remote you’ll find in the home theater world.