Philips debuts Soundbar with Blu-ray, Home Theaters galore


I’ve always understood the reason for these soundbars but have never made the plunge myself. Which is kind of ironic given the small size of my last 3 apartments. What can I say, even in small spaces I like having speakers all around me…but this does look pretty sweet.



a new SoundBar with Ambisound, featuring a Blu-ray disc player, optional iPod dock, 7.1 surround sound, and DoubleBASS. Available in black (HTS8160B) or white (HTS8161B). Just the thing for those of you who think that a single speaker could somehow replace seven (plus one) in the surround sound stakes. Also on hand for the less credulous, the company is unveiling a number of home theater systems with the now-mandatory Blu-ray playback, including: three separate 5.1 surround affairs for folks with on varying budgets, and a two speaker / one sub combo for those of you who want to try out "Dolby Virtual Speaker" technology after all. If all this appeals to you, you have two options