HD Plex Announces Fanless, Heatpipe-cooled All-Aluminum HTPC Enclosures


Very interesting press release of some cool looking new silent media center chassis that are coming soon. Heatpipe cooled and 100% fanless, sounds like a perfect fit. Pricing still TBD but hopefully it’s more affordable than some other custom chassis out there.

Los Angeles, CA – HD Plex (http://www.hd-plex.com), a manufacturer of premium aluminum HTPC enclosures for the do-it-yourself market, is pleased to announce their new line of heatpipe cooled, fanless HTPC case designed to fit seamlessly into your A/V rack. Availability is scheduled for late Q4 2009, with pricing to be announced shortly before launch.

"We set out to create a family of products that look good when combined with high-end A/V equipment, and are silent and affordable," said Larry Liu, CEO of HD Plex. "We ended up accomplishing our goals. Our new line of H-series HTPC enclosures combine skillful engineering with an eye for minimalism design, heatpipe cooling for silent operation, and all at a price point competitive with the current market."

The new H-series HTPC enclosures span three different sizes and variations that introduce different functionality for maximum flexibility in meeting the unique needs of the HTPC case market. Focusing on the micro-ATX platform, the low profile H10 is available with either an optical drive or VFD panel. An optional full-size PCI-Express riser allows for a full range of popular expansion cards for additional functionality. The H5 is the perfect mini-ITX enclosure emphasizing on shallow-depth and compact construction. When equipped with VFD faceplate, H5 is compatible with mATX form-factor motherboards as well as the optional PCI-Express riser. For those looking for the smallest footprint possible, the H3 will deliver the smallest ever heatpipe cooled enclosure on the market.

Each H-series enclosure will include a LGA775 heatsink and heatpipe kit free of charge. Specially designed anti-vibration, silicon mounting kit for 3.5" and 2.5" HDD (SSD) is preinstalled as well. An optional chipset cooling kit will be available for purchase. In addition, HD Plex will be offering an internal Microsoft/Phillips IR Kit for users of Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Also, HD Plex will be selling a fanless 150w adapter for use with the H-series HTPC case.

For review unit availability and all other inquiries, please contact: info@hd-plex.com

For more information including pictures, please visit: http://www.hd-plex.com