The Last DVD and Blu-Ray Ripping Guide You’ll Ever Need

They covered the DVD ripping quite well.  However, I wish they would’ve gone into a little more detail on the Blu-ray side, such as the trials and tribulations of getting different audio formats.  Due to that, I wouldn’t consider this the "last" guide we’ll ever need.


Copying and transcoding the disc’s video into more efficient formats
involves math an order of magnitude scarier than what’s required to rip
audio CDs. A machine that will rip the latest Miley Cyrus CD in mere
moments could take hours to extract and convert your copy of Alien vs.
Predator to an iPod-friendly format. But with the right software, a
quad-core-equipped PC, and a little know-how, you can cut your disc-rip
time from hours to 30 minutes. Plenty of tricks and traps still await
first-time rippers, but we’ll show you the basics and then walk you
through some of the most valuable power-user ripping secrets.