AMD to replace your Amp/Receiver?

Interesting article for those wanting to run a 5.1 setup and don’t already have the amp.


Maui, on the other hand, is AMD’s internal
codename for a project that combines a motherboard with the 780M mobile
chipset and unique audio amplfier cards utilizing chips from D2Audio
specifically for use as a home entertainment component. The amplifier
module is a key to the system’s appeal. The proposition is simple:
Instead of yet another box to add under your TV,
eliminate the usual amplifier or receiver and keep it all in one box,
running the speakers directly from the HTPC. Powering five speakers is
not something any onboard sound card in a motherboard can do. Normally,
you’d have to run powered speakers that have built-in amplifiers and
use the preamp output of the sound card. AMD says that this is no
gimmicky add-on, but a capable, high quality amplifier at a very good
price point .