DVD upscale to HD via GPU acceleration

Now, I’m wondering do I have to use TMT3 in order to get this GPU upscaling ability??  Or I could stick w/ any Directshow player (MediaPortal’s internal player in my case) as long as the codec/setup is set right…??  (I know, I probably just dreaming…..)


Upscaling algorithm

ArcSoft’s upscaling algorithms take data that’s present across multiple
frames in the encoded (and compressed) video, and extrapolates it to
reconstruct more of the original image data in each frame. In this way,
the algorithm is able to reconstruct data that may have been lost or
ignored on one frame, but may have been present on another, and then
apply it to the surrounding frames.

This makes colors more vibrant, pixelated data less pixelated,
contrasts greater, and it is able to remove a lot of the JPEG-like
square-box artifacts which inhabit most compressed video forms. The end
result is an upscaled video that is not a literal pixel-by-pixel
rendering, but rather one which includes more image data per pixel per
frame than the original video itself would’ve exposed using only its
decoder and a scale-to-new-image-size algorithm.

Because of the massive compute requirements of this type of algorithm,
searching forward and backward from every given frame for additional
color data, ignoring noise and filtering through to real exposed data,
on a traditional CPU the algorithm takes considerably longer and uses
nearly all of the CPU power. By moving the workload away from the CPU
and onto the GPU courtesy of Nvidia’s CUDA software library, large
compute jobes can be carried out with a minimal impact on the overall
system performance, allowing for a single machine and user to be more
productive on a more responsive machine.