The Daily Button – New Year’s Eve Edition

I hope everyone had a great 2007! On behalf of everyone here at have a great 2008. We are looking forwward to a 2008 filled with guides and reviews.

I have been making progress on my build front. Over the past couple of days I have added Power DVD Ultra, EMUCenter and MCEWeather. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, adding more then a thousand ROMS and adding cover art can be a bit on the slow side. I will be adding to the Life With A Plugin series with EMUCenter and Yoogle episodes after the New Year. PowerDVD presented its’s own problems by causing my system to crash everytime I rebooted. I installed a different build of the software and came away with problem free playback on 2 HD DVD discs. I am crossing my fingers I don’t run into similar problems as seen on the AVS Forums. 

The next step is to hook up the CableCard tuners to update the firmware, connect the XPS 420 to my TV and start my WHS server build. More on all of this after the New Year.

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