Windows Vista Media Center Review

Here is a quick review of Vista MCE. Being a blog review, it is a bit on the quick side. It does, however, give a few more details to see if it is worth switching or not. I have been running it for a few weeks now. Although in a limited capacity and found it doesn't offer a whole lot more then 2k5. However, I am holding out that the 3rd part plugins will provde a very rich experience in the end. The complete lack of a client/server/streaming architecture is enough to tick a person off.

From the review:

Well, that time has come, and I'm afraid I have nothing but great
things to say.  Media center is ready for the big time, and I highly
recommend it become the central entertainment hub of your home.  With
extenders in any of your major entertainment areas, you now have access
to everything.  All your music, all your TV, pictures, even video
library is now available everywhere from a centralized location. 
Multiple sattelite DVR's is always a huge hassle (let's see, which one
did I record that show on again?), it's low def, no music library,
etc.  Besides, with free over the air HD, it's a no brainer to spend
$50, and a little time on your roof.  What a lot of people don't
realise is, that most of the HD you can get on sattelite and cable, you
can get for free, over the air, and recorded directly into media
center.  (about 95% of the TV my family watches comes from the major
networks, which provide free over-the-air HD.  (Mostly Fox.)  24,
Prison Break, American Idol, Bones, etc.)  Also, for a lot less money
than you think, you can toss in home automation and control it through
your media center experience.  Everything from turning off any lights
in the house, to open the garage door, viewing security cameras, just
about anything you could ever want!  All from the comfort of your couch
and a remote with the 14' experience.