The $25k Home Theater System

The title speaks for itself really, if you have tweny five grand for a home theater room, Audioholics is set to walk you through how to set one up and what gear to buy. The guide is geared more towards the audiophile then the videophile. If I were to create a guide I might try and strike a balance between the two a bit more. I am some what interested to see $5000 spend on acoustical treatment. I honestly would have never though on spending that large of a percentage on that. 

From the article:

These chairs by Berkline are very popular due
to price and size. They are the narrowest chairs offered by Berkline (about 32"
including a left and right armrest) so you can fit more of them into your home
theater than if you went with other models or brands. I chose a triple
configuration of these chairs in black (86" total width) for my own Reference
System 2 and I really dig the cup holders and the ability they have to recline
without needing much clearance from the back wall (or in my case, table). You
can upgrade these chairs to include TouchMotion
motorized reclining and you can add an RF Buttkicker system (as an under-leg
mod) to give you a more tactile theater experience.