SageTV V6.1.4 Release Candidate

Sage has released another release candidate build today.

Release Notes:

SageTV V6.1.4 Release Notes 3/6/2007 RELEASE CANDIDATE 4

Core Updates
1. Fixed bug where FLAC files with pictures in them could crash the metadata parser in an infinite loop
2. Added support for album art extraction from FLAC files
3. Updated cable frq data for "Finland-Helsinki"
4. Fixed bug where removing sources on the service wouldn't propogate
the lost channels to the client until the EPG update was finished.
5. Fixed bug where EPG data scanning wasn't recurring reliably
6. Reset infrared remote control delays to be their old settings; but still allowed for optimized timings with new RC5 protocol
7. Fixed MP3 duration parsing so that it'll skip the ID3 tags if found
8. Added support for importing 'Rated' and people metadata for imported video files.
9. When reimporting a MediaFile actually update the DB with the new info
10. MPEG4 conversions of HDTV shows when selecting a non-HDTV transcode
format will convert them to SD resolution so the 2-pass encoding should
11. Fixed bug in font texture map generation where a glyph sometimes overwrote other glyphs.
12. Fixed bug where a transcoding job could end up using the same file path as an already existing file
13. Added support for metadata properties parsing. This will extract
metadata from .properties files of the same name as a media file (just
append .properties; i.e. It uses name=value pairs
just like standard Java properties files.
14. Added back support for the MediaFileMetadataExtractor plugin
interface (but now it should return a java.util.Map instead of an
15. Added core detection of H.264 streams inside MPEG2 PS/TS containers
16. Various bug fixes in transport stream parsing code for recording ATSC/DVB/etc.
17. Fixed bug where small images (less than 8×8) which the scaler couldn't handle would crash the image loader