ReplayTV Drops PC Software Price, Releases Update

If you read my recent blog about ReplayTV , you'll know I'm not the biggest fan of Replay's PC edition of their PVR software. And this is apparantly a note that they haven't really had that many fans, slashing their prices in half.

Kudos to them for realizing that $100 was beyond obscene, but when will they learn people hate annual fees? Why not just have good, solid core updates of your software, and then people will gladly pay $40 every 2 years for the latest version. Averages out to the same but doesn't make your company seem like money-grubbers considering there's NO OTHER PC PVR software which charges a monthly fee.

On a side note…anyone heard a single peep about this software from any site other than PC World?

I have yet to use the update myself, but ReplayTV contacted me to say
that the issues I pointed out in that review have been addressed in the
new version. Another thing they revealed: They are refunding the $50
difference in price to people who bought the original version at $100.
Classy move, ReplayTV.

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