Hands-On With Microsoft’s True Ultimate Keyboard

Gizmodo, those lucky bastards, have gotten their grubby mitts on a Desktop 8000 keyboard from MS. Priced at $249 it makes the Logitech Edge look somewhat cheap but it looks like it would be a great addition to a media center setup. A nice addition to the keyboard is the built-in 4-port powered hub in the dock.

From the article:

It's fantastic. Best improvement on this keyboard is, without a doubt, the magnetic dock. It's similar to the dock used in the 7000, but now has a magnetic clasp to hook into the keyboard. That means now both the keyboard and the mouse are rechargeable and wireless. Just dock the keyboard, oh, every few months or so, and you'll never run out of juice. Even the laziest of us can do this, and trust us, we're pretty lazy.

The great thing about this dock is that it doesn't just charge the keyboard, it's also got a built-in 4-port powered hub! You can even plug in the included USB Bluetooth dongle in one of the ports (especially shaped to hold it) so you won't have to give up one of your regular ports on your PC. Brilliant.