How To…Trim your Coax TV Cable

Keeping wires hidden and not looking like a rat's nest can be one huge pain in the tush. Apartment Therapy has a nice step by step procedure to trim down your Cox table. Now what I do with the rest of the wires? Seriously! I need some help. If you have a suggestion for a wire management system, please post it in the comments.

In fact, anyone who makes a suggestion will be put in a drawing for 10 dollars via paypal.

From the article:

What you need:
• Coax Cable
• Coax Cable Cutter
• Crimp or Screw-on F-connectors
• Wire cutters or some strong scissors

Step 1:
Determine how long of a cable you need, and
cut it with scissors. We wanted several inches, so chose 6 inches just
to be safe and allow us to have some room for error. If you want to be
frugal, reuse the end with the connector already attached, then you'll
only have to add one.