Home Theaters for Condos and Apartments

EH sends word they have posted up an article about building a Home Theater in a condo or an apartment. Why should the home dwellers get all of the HT fun? One of my main problems in my apartment living past has been related to noise. They have a few tips that should help out. The last is my favorite.

Something else to consider is to live on the bottom floor, the cement foundation won't pass noise like the wooden floors above. Or live in a corner unit with your system on the other side of the house.

From the article:

Block it out – Sound-blocking material is a thick film that can contain much of the sound. Consider placing this on the back of heavy drapes that hang in front of a wall or windows. Drape systems can be highly effective at blocking offending noise and darkening a room for a great home theater experience. And they can be motorized to close when you need them, so you don’t have to live in a drapery palace.

Be a softie – Also use a lot of soft furnishings such as fabric sofas, chairs, pillows, thick carpets and the like to absorb extra sound. Then, invite your neighbors for a show, and the next time your system is a tad loud, they might understand.