Cooler Master CM Media 280 Convertible HTPC Case


My Coolermaster experience of years gone by has left a VERY sour taste in my mouth. In fact, anything with proprietary PSUs have been scratched of my possible list of purchases. The 280 seems to do away with a lot of my old gripes with large fans, standard PSU and a MCE compatible remote system.

From the article:

This case looks right at home in my home theater rack, and there is not
much more I can ask for in a home theater PC case. While my use of it
is for a home theater system, that should not stop you from using the
CM Media 280 as a normal system case! If you want to place this on the
floor, the mid-tower configuration works as well as the HTPC
configuration, and the display could be used to provide business
related information during those "work" sessions.

There are a few minor issues with the software and the case. The
e could simply do with some refinements, and perhaps Cooler
Master will provide updates to keep the software up to date and fully
functional. The biggest issue I have with the case is that the optical
and floppy drive bay doors scrape when you open them. Not a big deal,
and this could be related to the pre-production nature of the sample,
but the front USB and dual 5.25" drive bay covers do not scrape at all.