Calibrate Your Own Audio and Video

What this article boils down to is getting the most out of your A/V investment! Why pay several thousand dollars for a setup and not enjoy it to it's fullest! It is getting to be easier and easier to tweak your own equipment, and EH is here to give you a few tips.

From the article:

5 Tips for Calibrating Home Video

1. Adjust Mode and Warm-up

The out-of-the-box settings for most video displays crank up the set’s
temperature and contrast to duplicate how the set looked on the
showroom floor. “We call this the ‘torch’ setting,” says Small. The
problem is, this setting is most often not suitable for your viewing
arrangements. On your set’s picture menu, the “medium” or “normal”
setting should be selected. Additionally, any automatic settings should
be disabled, and custom settings should be enabled. The set should be
allowed to warm-up for about 30 minutes before proceeding.