Zune: First Full Review


I am a day late and a dollar short on posting this review, but better late then never. Gizmodo, the lucky bastards they are, has posted a full review of the Zune and the Zune marketplace. All the good features such as the WI-FI capability and its UI are talked about and there are lots of pictures to boot. The silly thing is that you are going to have to use points instead of real songs to purchase songs. 

From the article:

Another not-published or seldom-talked-about feature is guesting. A friend
can take his Zune over to your computer, set up a "guest" relationship with your
Zune Marketplace software (as opposed to a regular owner relationship), and
you're free to drag songs and pictures from your library onto her device. These
songs do not have the 3 play 3 day limit on them. Depending on whether
you purchased or you're leasing these songs, you can do this with either 5 or 2
Zunes, respectively. So in essence, if your wife wants to grab a few songs off
your library for listening to, she can—there's no "wife" relationship yet, but
engineers are probably working on that. As soon as they get wives.