Video: Logitech Harmony 670 Remote

The basic $9.99 universal remote from Radio Shack really doesn't cut it in the Home Theater environment. Certainly it is an improvement over handling multiple remote but its unlikely to win any "favours" from your significant other. The Harmony line of remotes from Logitech doesn't quite step into the HA realm (yes I know about the 890), but it does make navigating your home theater a lot easier. The Harmony remotes, including the 670 feature in Digital Trend's review, feature an activity based system that will setup every system involved in an activity. For instance, if you press watch DVD it will turn on your DVD, receiver and TV. Based on your input it will assign the remote buttons to each device. In this case, the volume buttons would control the receiver, and the navigation button set would control the DVD player.

From the article:

The Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote gives you control of all your home
electronics with a touch of a button, or two. This universal remote which was
designed to work specifically with DVR devices will also control up to a total
of 15 devices. This includes your TV, DVD player, and even your house lights.
The Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote will never be out of date since it can
be updated via its USB port. The software for the remote is supported on both
Windows and Mac computers as well. At $150 entry point, it's a bit more
expensive then a standard Universal Remote, but you don't get the same features
or the ability to upgrade it to keep it current with new.