Protect DVD-Video – A slap in the face for PC and Media Center owners

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes enlightens us to the latest technological breakthrough from those wonderful folks at the movie industry. 

"The upshot of this is that if you have a DVD disc protected by Protect
DVD-Video and you try to play the disc in a PC-based system using, say,
Windows Media Player, the process will fail.  Now, lets be clear here,
we are taking about a genuine, legitimate DVD disc not working in a PC,
not a pirated disc or a download via a torrent.  Protect DVD-Video
protects a DVD by basically making it un-playable in a DVD drive that's
in a Windows-based PC (I've no information on whether this also locks
out Linux users – I would imagine that it does)."

This is ridiculous if it actually happens to make it to market. This is just another anti-piracy which is going to hurt the
average joe consumer more than the hacker, and makes me feel ill to my stomach.

Read the rest over at ZDNet.