Hitachi’s New Interpolation Methods

"Say you have yourself a video at low-resolution, and want to upconvert
it to a higher resolution for display on a higher-resolution television
or monitor. That’s not hypothetical at all – it happens all the time
when you display anything except HD on your HDTV. When you watch
regular SD cable programming on your HDTV, your television (or maybe
some processor between the cable feed and the television) has to take
the incoming signal and convert it up to the resolution that your HDTV
supports. Same thing goes for all those DVD movies collecting dust on
your shelf (”I’ll watch them one day!”). Right now most processors just
double up the pixels to make the image displayable in HD. Or quadruple.
Or more, depending on the source and destination. That’s all well and
good, but there’s got to be a better way."

Apparantly, that's just not good enough for Hitachi. Do they find a better way? Keep your fingers crossed & read the rest here.