Panasonic PT-AX100U Review

1080p projector love is still out of the ball bark for many consumers. However, there are many 720p gems on the market that can satisfy the need for a more theater like experience. I am not one to argue with 120" pictures. Coming in at $2000 on the street, the AV1000U has a 6000:1 contrast ratio and 800 to 1400 lumen output depending on the video mode chosen. The last little bit worth considering is that this projector seems to be pretty silent.

From the article: 

One of the unique features of the AX100U is its "Light Harmonizer." This
gives the projector the ability to detect and automatically recalibrate itself
to varying ambient light conditions. In total darkness it will reduce its lumen
output and maximize black level. But when someone turns a light on, it will
automatically boost lumen output to brighten the picture and make it easier to