Zune and iPod Photo Comparison


I don't often post about gadget news, but when two titans come to battle with guns-a-blazing, its hard not to take notice. Its just a quick photo comparison of the Zune and the iPod that really emphasizes how much bigger the screen size of the Zune. Should Steve be worried? 

From the article:


I got face time with a Zune this weekend and decided to look at how the form
factor compares to the 80GB iPod I picked up a few days ago. The Zune weighs
considerably less than the iPod, although I didn't have a scale on hand to get
exact comparison. It felt like the Zune was more comparable to my Cingular 2125
phone, while the iPod weighs quite a bit more.

Screen size on the Zune is a slightly larger 3-inches, but you don't get a
real sense for how much difference that makes till you see it next to the iPod