November 2006 Xbox Live Update


I would guess that Microsoft decided to release this nifty little 1080p update just in time for Sony's release date. Also included in this free update will be the ability to stream WMV files from another computer, ability to play files from data CD's and DVDs, and 50 hz display compatibility. mmm The 360 is sounding better and better.

From the article:

With 1080p resolution, you now have the ability to enjoy both game and video content in the best high-definition resolution currently available.
Expanded video playback options increase the ways you can enjoy video content on Xbox 360. It is now possible to stream WMV video from a Windows PC running Windows Media Player 11 or Windows Media Connect.
You can now play video files from data CDs and DVDs, as well as from storage devices like USB 2.0 flash drives and Xbox 360 Memory Units.
Xbox 360 will support 50hz HDTV display modes, providing a much greater choice in how you watch DVD and HD DVD content.