HT Guys Podcast #114

The Home Theater Guys are at it again with podcast #114! This week they talk about a few news tidbits including more Blu-ray delay rumours. As well, they talk in depth about the DVD iScan VP30 video processor-A/V Switcher.

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So what does it do?  It cleans everything up and gives you the best possible
display.  We all know the TVs and projectors we own are capable of so much more
than just displaying the content we feed into them.  If you've ever seen a 30 Mb
high definition loop, you'll know what we're talking about.  The DVDO does it's
best to present the content in a way that takes full advantage of everything
your display equipment can do.  And in our opinion, it does just that.  Standard
definition looked much better on every TV we tried it with.  The film processing
worked wonders to smooth out movies that had noticeable motion artifacts
before.  Of course, High Definition always looks good, right?  The HD we saw
with the VP30 inline looked more like the 30 Mb loop and less like an
over-compressed, potentially good, show.