Evesham Freeview personal video recorder PVR160

Sure the TiVo does a lot, but I am betting it's not going to cut it when trying to record Freeview broadcasts in the UK. The PVR-160 from Evesham Tech, not to be confused with the PVR-150 from Hauppauge, is a $300 160GB dual tuner PVR that includes all of your standard PVR features. The foible that caught my eye is that you can't record two programs at the same time. A bit odd for a box with dual tuners.

From the article:

It's not going to everyone's cup of tea, though. Anyone who wants to
repurpose the programmes they record from Freeview – to burn to DVD or
to encode for use on a portable or home media player – will need to
look elsewhere, unless they already have (or are willing to buy)
analogue-digital converter boxes that let them encode to a PC
in real-time from analogue outputs.

Even then, the fact that the PVR160 can output S-video only
via Scart, rather than having a dedicated S-video output, makes the
task a little trickier to get footage out of the Evesham and into a PC
at the best possible quality. A Scart-to-S-video lead will be needed.
That's not a cable we've ever had to use and suspect it won't be found
many people's armouries but, fortunately, you can buy them on line for
under a fiver.