The Digital Home

The Express News in San Antonio has a broad look at the what the digital home is all about and where the industry it is heading. I can certainly attest to the fact that you need to wire your home regardless if you intend to purchase Home Automation equipment right away. I did some pre-wiring, but with more planning I am sure I would have been happier with the results.

From the article:

Existing homes can be retrofitted for home automation, but that's still
uncommon and expensive. Rewiring older homes for automation is expected to
become an expansion market once home-control systems become the rule in new
construction, Ablondi said.

Companies such as Microsoft Corp. and Intel Corp. are marketing products that
integrate control of home theater systems with house control so users can turn
on outdoor lighting or activate an MP3 play list from the TV remote control.

For Bagwell, who didn't say how many thousands he's spending to automate his
home, the home-control system is all about peace of mind.