CNET reviews DirecTV’s HR20

We posted about Direct TV's new PVR here , and it looks like the big boys at C|Net have taken a look at it as well. After a steep drop to $299, Direct TV has their cross hairs pointed at TiVo. The new H20 offers 200 hours of SD storage and 50 hours of HD storage .

From the article: 

CNET has published one of their thoroughly succinct previews of the dual-tuner
PVR with its 200 hour capacity (SD) hard drive (50 hours of HD, in case you're

Of course, the $299 only gets you a worthless box, as you
still require a DirecTV subscription to make the thing work, but there's some
great online-only
at the moment which offer free shipping, free installation and an
iPod Shuffle with 50 music downloads (after a mail-in rebate).

reckons the plus points to the HR20 is potentially hampered by a new interface,
and no over-the-air support for ATSC HD broadcasts, but otherwise, it could
provide some much-needed competition for TiVo.
Expect to see some reviews
around the web soon.