AudioControl Processor Extends HD Signals 1000 feet

If your den and media server a a thousand feet apart in your mansion, you finally have a solution to extend HD video signals this length. The transmitter accepts the 1080/720 signal with audio and outputs a signal via cat 5 to a receiver box. The receiver box then decodes the information for display.

From the article: 

The Maestro M2e in general, is feature laden, making it ideal for
use in high performance home theaters and custom installation applications. The
Maestro M2e boasts processing power that supports all of the
major audio surround formats from DTS to Dolby Digital including the new Dolby
Pro Logic IIx. In addition, an eight channel direct analog input is provided for
use with DVD-A and SACD sources to allow for audiophile-caliber performances.
Balanced and unbalanced audio outputs provide maximum sound performance output
to all theaters. Additionally, the Maestro M2e is equipped with AM and FM tuners supporting RDS
(Radio Data System) broadcasts. HDMI and high bandwidth component video
switching serve as further evidence that the Maestro M2e is a top-level performer despite it’s aggressive