Microsoft To Deliver TV Over Internet Within Year

And monkey's will fly out of my ass TV. There is no doubt that Microsoft is pushing to be a part of your livingroom and their strategy this time around is an IPTV platform. AT&T is taking their own route, while it looks like Verizon is going to partner with Microsoft's IPTV. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out in the end.

From the article:

The technology is still largely untested since AT&T has yet to offer
high-definition video as part of its testing. Installations for the new service
are taking longer, but Microsoft says these are just normal growing pains.

"Sometimes people lose sight of how ambitious this is," said Enrique
Rodriguez, who took over as the new head of Microsoft's TV business in April.
"We're not there yet in meeting 100 percent of our objectives, but we are on our

One additional benefit to Microsoft is that the Redmond, Washington-based
company's IPTV platform will require a slew of Windows-powered servers to gather
and stream content.

Currently, one server
can service about 500 to 700 set-top boxes, but Microsoft said it expects
improvements to soon push that number above 1,000 set-top boxes per server