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As this week winds to a close, kick back, turn the lights off and poor yourself a cold beverage and listen to the HT Guys Podcast :). Topics discussed this week are a few news bit, and detailed covered of HD Audio.

From the podcast summary:

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DTS does not claim, on their website at least, that DTS-HD Master Audio is a
lossless codec.  Instead they say that there is so much audio information in the
soundtrack, and that it uses such a high bitrate, that it delivers exactly, bit
for bit, what was mixed in the recording studio.  Bit for bit seems to infer
lossless, but the word doesn't appear on their site.  They claim it delivers
sound that is clear, pure and uncompromised.  It appears that Master Audio also
uses a 5.1 track at its core, with extensions for the additional information.