Some Thoughts Around DCFC Etiquette

I saw this post, phrased in slightly different ways, in a few of the EV groups I follow on Facebook. As an Kia EV6 (and MME) owner, what I think this person has, I get it the minor inconvenience of waiting five minutes longer than you absolutely needed to is inconvenient, but this is a more complex topic than it probably seems on its face.

My thoughts on the topic:

  • While I completely agree that Mustang Mach-E (MME) owners, or really any EV that isn’t going to average over 125kW in their charging session, should take open 150kW DCFC before a 350kW. If the 350kW is the only one open, it would be insane to expect them not to charge.
  • The situation when you get there, might not have been the situation when the MME got there.
  • A MME will peak higher on a 350kW DCFC than it will on a 150kW (charge curves). On average, over a longer duration charge session the time spent charging will be roughly the same (at least it has been in my testing). But, if you’re only charging for 5 min, it’s quite possible that a MME will charge faster on a 350kW than a 150kW. There are a lot of variables at play here, so it’s important to understand that there is no “one charge curve”.
  • There’s likely significant room for education around charging speeds in this new paradigm, and there’s probably an even more training to be had around how charge curves work. Coming from a “every pump is the same” world and factoring in the 350 > 150, duh place. It’s very normal and understandable that anyone who isn’t an EV geek would opt for the 350. This is an educational opportunity, coming from a place of entitlement about it isn’t helpful.
  • Just because your car CAN charge > 150kW it’s not an entitlement, it’s a feature not a right.

I am curious what others thing about this, it’s an evolving environment, so definitely room for a diversity of opinion on the topic. Maybe ;).