Roku 2 Is Now Official


The Roku 2 has not been a secret for a while now thanks to the FCC, but it would appear that it is now completely in the open. Roku has finally made the official announcement about their new lineup of media streamers. The new Roku boxes are not major upgrades, but do bring some interesting new features and some new […]

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Zotac’s Z68ITX Mini-ITX Motherboard


If you’ve been drooling over the feature rich Z68 platform from Intel but were waiting for a smaller board, Zotac’s got you covered. As far as I know this is the only mini-itx board available today. Take one look at the company’s Z68ITX, and it’s easy to see why. This motherboard is small enough to fit inside shoebox-sized enclosures yet […]

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Blu-ray Releases – July 19, 2011

Not a bad week of releases with a fair number of old films released on BD, such as the classic Boyz N the Hood and Amelie, sprinkled in with some new comedies such as Peep World and Take Me Home Tonight–which was decently amusing assuming you can stand Topher Grace for that long. Oh, and if you haven’t had enough […]

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Orb Networks releases Orb Live

I’ve always been interested in Orb Networks as they used to provide a free “Slingbox” app for your HTPC which allowed you to stream live or recorded TV shows from your home to where ever you are.    Unfortunately, it didn’t like to share the TV tuner with Media Center (nor could it deal with the CableCard tuner) but it did […]

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Revisit Windows XP Media Center with Paul Thurrott

Paul Thurrott takes a look back at Windows XP Media Center. Looks at the highs and lows of Windows Media Center and what all the different updates brought and where we are today. This retrospective focuses on the XP versions of Windows Media Center as well as related products of that era, including Media Center Extenders and Portable Media Center. […]

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IOGEAR GKM581R Wireless HTPC Keyboard


Often a good wireless keyboard/mouse all-in-one separates a good home theater PC (HTPC) experience from frustration.  Unsung when functioning properly and abused otherwise, it is critical to select a device with good range and a feature set that matches the expected use–which if it includes anything more than casual typing a larger keyboard is the way to go.  With up […]

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Intel SandyBridge UAC Update

In the last podcast I mentioned that I’d heard some talk that Intel was working on a fix for the UAC work around requirement for better refresh rate precision with Sandy Bridge GPUs, but hadn’t figured out how to reproduce it yet…  Well I found a semi-public driver that might just be the key. Taking a look at the screenshots […]

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Video Demo of Kinect for Windows Media Center Beta

Kinect for WMC Beta

I recently attended a conference where one of the more exciting sessions I sat in on was a demonstration of the Kinect for Windows SDK. The applications being discussed in this demo were in no way Windows Media Center related, but it did occur to me at one point that would be a neat use for Kinect. Evidently I was not the […]

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Insignia TV with TiVo sans DVR Incoming

Best Buy’s Insignia brand televisions are probably not on the top of many Missing Remote readers’ wishlists, but Zatz Not Funny! has caught wind of at least one model that might bear keeping an eye on. The Insignia cTV is due to launch at the end of July. The television’s distinguishing characteristic is that it will be the first television to launch […]

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