Intel SandyBridge UAC Update

In the last podcast I mentioned that I’d heard some talk that Intel was working on a fix for the UAC work around requirement for better refresh rate precision with Sandy Bridge GPUs, but hadn’t figured out how to reproduce it yet…  Well I found a semi-public driver that might just be the key.

Taking a look at the screenshots above (two 24p, one 29.97) taken using a DH67CF BIOS 0125, MEI and GPU driver – we can see that the GPU is able to get pretty close with UAC enabled.  The rate does drift around; maybe even enough to manifest visible issues (frame drops, A/V sync, etc.), but I’ll take it as a sign of good things to come. 

Anyone interested in taking a look for themselves can find the GPU driver here: x86 | x64.  But fair warning, it’s unclear why it’s not available via the normal driver search tool on their site; I just happened on the links in the Intel Communities forum.