FAVI SmartStick Announced

FAVI SmartStick.png

A big part of the appeal of the forthcoming Roku Streaming Stick is the idea of having the power of a full Roku box plugged in and hidden away behind the TV itself. Roku has already begun talking up their Roku Ready branding logo which serves to underscore the reality that the MHL-enabled Streaming Stick is going to be reserved […]

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Vizio Co-Star Reviewed

Vizio Co-Star.jpg

Just when it was beginning to look like the second wave of Google TV was going to fizzle out before we could even get to the holiday shopping season due to a lack of new hardware, along came Vizio with the Google TV-powered Co-Star to rekindle interest in the platform. Vizio has taken the unusual move of only offering the […]

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Syabas Announces Popcorn Hour A-400

Popcorn Hour A400.jpg

Syabas has announced the newest addition to their family of Popcorn Hour A-series media streamers with the unveiling of the A-400. The Popcorn Hour A-400 is powered by the Sigma Designs SMP8911, a dual-core SoC running at 800Mhz, along with 512MB of RAM. The new Sigma Designs chip is no slouch and should assist the A-400 in making its mark. In […]

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Pivos XIOS DS Media Player Reviewed


We reviewed the Pivos AIOS HD Media Player earlier this year. At the time, the AIOS HD was the first product from Pivos. One of our big issues with the AIOS HD was the limited selection of apps, particularly for major streaming services. For a follow-up to the AIOS HD, Pivos has come out with the XIOS DS, an Android-based […]

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