Fox files suit against Dish for AutoHop

Dish Network's commercial-skipping feature AutoHop (Dish Network / May 24, 201

So if your first thought was: “How can they get away with that?” when you saw the Dish commercial skip announcement, it seems the answer is going to be: “Not easily”. We were given no choice but to file suit against one of our largest distributors, Dish Network, because of their surprising move to market a product with the clear […]

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Dish Hopper/Joey Reviewed at Engadget

I wasn’t expecting much when sitting down for Dish Network’s CES 2012 press event, but that skepticism was amply dispelled after the Hopper/Joey whole home DVR system was announced. Obviously, Dish wouldn’t be the first company to say one thing, and release something bearing only a cursory resemblance to the initial promise so it was critical to wait until someone […]

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Ceton Dishes on WP7 Mobile Companion for Q


I was impressed with the Q and associated companion applications when Ceton showed them off at CES, but there was a lot that we didn’t see given the time constraints and completeness of the mobile experience. Fortunately for us (who doesn’t like a nice teaser :)), Ceton has flushed out more detail around what they will deliver for Windows Phone […]

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Aereo Looking to Bring Live TV into the Cloud


It would seem that everyone is looking for a way to bring live TV to the Internet. BitTorrent would like to subsume live TV into the Internet with its new P2P technology, while providers like Time Warner Cable are deploying live streams of their standard broadcasts to as many devices as possible as quickly as possible. Now media conglomerate IAC […]

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The Simple.TV Aims to be the DVR for Every Device


We’ve seen a number of different whole home DVR systems at CES so far, but most of them are similar to the DISH Hopper with a central multi-tuner DVR that feeds live and recorded TV to smaller extender units. The Simple.TV is intended to provide a whole world DVR system, turning any device into an extender unit. The Simple.TV asks […]

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Tivo Update Brings Multi-Room Streaming to Series 4 Premier

Last night Tivo announced some significant changes to their Series 4 Premeir hardware lineup. Some of the new updates include HD guide, access to the search guide in HD, New mini guide that floats above the current video content, new enhanced information bar, a new Android remote control app, and last but not least true multi-room dvr functionality.  Recently I […]

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Microsoft Secures Patent for Game Console DVRs

Xbox Rabbit Ears

The inclusion of the Media Center Extender technology in the Xbox 360 has certainly been a boon for WMC fans and was an early indication that Microsoft had bigger plans for the Xbox 360 than just gaming. Unfortunately, the whole “your computer must be on, be running Windows Media Center, be properly configured to talk to your Xbox, and contain a […]

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