Samsung BD-D8500 Review

Samsung BD-D8500

The new Samsung BD-D8500 brings a whole slew of features to a seemingly benign Blu-ray player…or is it a PVR with 3D Blu-ray capability? A staggering number of new features include Freeview HD recording, built-in Wi-Fi, 3D playback and easy-to-use networking tools. Samsung continues to bring more HTPC-like features to its products thus relieving you of any need for other equipment. […]

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Diamond Theme V3.00


While the SageTV V7 interface is better than V6, it still lacks some “WOW” and that’s where the Diamond theme fills in nicely.  I’ve been using the beta for a couple weeks and beside the obvious UI enhancements there are some really slick features (like custom movie walls – a feature I’ve wanted for forever). Finally the date has come […]

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SageTV 7.1.2 Public Beta

Looks like it’s time for another SageTV beta.  Lots of good stuff in there including bug fixes and some new features.  Check out Jeff’s post for the full list.  Highlights below: Changes of note already included in V7.1 -Support for Hauppauge Colossus -Complete over the air analog & digital lineups for the entire US and Canada (all channels on Zap2it’s […]

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Installing SageTV V7


  SageTV V7 Installation Guide If you are new to SageTV getting it installed and everything like ISO playback and HD audio/video playback working can be bit of a challenge; so when I needed to do a V7 install a few days ago I decided to document the process to hopefully make it easier for everyone to get the server […]

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TiVo Premiere vs Windows 7 Media Center

Engadget has a nice compairion of TiVo Premiere versus Windows 7 Media Center. It makes a pretty compelling case for WMC if you’re PC savvy.  Although TiVo and ReplayTV were the first DVRs on the market, Microsoft’s software actually powered the DISHPlayer Satellite DVR in late 1999. So here we are over 10 years later and while TiVo and Microsoft […]

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SageTV 7 (beta) Arrives Tomorrow

SageTV 7 Main Screen

Huge news broken by Brent over at GeekTonic.  He definitely has connections at SageTV.  He got an exclusive look at the new SageTV 7 UI, the new plug-in manager, and much, MUCH more.  It would appear that the silence from SageTV was certainly time well-spent and I know I’m personally looking forward to trying it out.  To say that SageTV […]

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TiVo Premiere review


Here’s one of the first reviews of the much hyped TiVo Premiere, which isn’t all glory a gusto. It’s not all bad, but it’s definitely not all amazing like the marketing team had hyped up unfortunately. The good news is you know TiVo will continue to improve on the new interface, but judging by the original sneak pictures, some of […]

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TiVo Premiere hands-on, Reminds you Why it’s THE DVR

Whenever you wonder how TiVo became a definition regarding DVR, then the company goes and does something impressive yet again. Here’s the first look at their latest interface, which just wows me. Nice integration with online content and a smooth new UI. If only Media Center could get a facelift like this….alas.     Engadget Everything is "connected," so it’s […]

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TiVo: Cable is strangling our business with SDV

I have nothing but agreement with almost every claim from TiVo here given my own experiences (both professionally and personally) over cable’s switched digital video rollout across the country. If you think TiVo’s business is rough, imagine the many Media Center users who were left with black channels until the new ATI firmware came out and finally just supported the […]

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