TIVO and AT&T Settle Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Regardless of how you feel about the state of the patent system here in the US, the fact still remains that most of the time the parties who are the most susceptible to litigation for patent infringement are the same parties who hold the most patents in that particular field. In the most recent example of this truism AT&T and […]

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Mid-Season Premiers. Is your DVR ready?

This week we can welcome back new episodes of our favorite TV shows, and some new ones. There is a nice guide to when your favorite shows are starting back up and when new mid-season ones show up. Check out the calendar and set your HTPC up to record at least one episode of some new ones, how else are you […]

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JRiver Media Center Begins Media Center 17 Beta


JRiver Media Center quietly turned their audiophile PC music player into a full featured media playback application over the last few releases.  In the last revision they added Red October (a feature that tames DirectShow codec selection) as well as bringing madVR support to a SAF friendly 10′ UI (Theater View).  The latest rev (dubbed B17) brings better TV support […]

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TiVo Premier Elite Now Available

Just announced on the TiVo Blog, the new quad tuner TiVo Premier Elite is now available for order. The new TiVo packs in 4 tuners, a 2 terabyte hard drive, and is THX certified. The Permier Elite is based off of the TiVo series 4 architecture supporting cable card tuning. The Elite also supports 80.11N wireless, USB and eSATA for […]

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Channel Master Over-the-Air DVR STB


Admittedly, I was taken aback by this DVR from Channel Master.  Offering anyone with an OTA antenna access to a–seemingly–full featured (depending on your definition, of course), dual-tuner DVR, this is an interesting device.  While it may not be what many of our Missing Remote users are currently utilizing, it definitely offers people a fairly inexpensive entry into the field […]

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TiVo Premiere Goes Elite

Premiere Elite.png

TiVo just keeps upping the ante with their Premiere line of DVRs, and the newly announced TiVo Premiere Elite is no exception.  Packing support for four CableCARD tuners, MoCA bridging, and 2 TB of storage along with all of the streaming service support that TiVo has been bundling in for a while now, the Premiere Elite looks to be a […]

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Insignia TV with TiVo sans DVR Incoming

Best Buy’s Insignia brand televisions are probably not on the top of many Missing Remote readers’ wishlists, but Zatz Not Funny! has caught wind of at least one model that might bear keeping an eye on. The Insignia cTV is due to launch at the end of July. The television’s distinguishing characteristic is that it will be the first television to launch […]

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TiVo Android and iPhone apps in the works

While there is already an Tivo iPad app, Tivo has announced that they will be bringing a similar app for both Android and iPhone devices. One of the biggest trends to sweep through the consumer electronics industry is the adoption of software delivered through Apple’s iTunes App Store. For TiVo owners, the California-based company developed control and management apps for […]

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