Boxee Box – CES 2012

Boxee didn’t have anything dramatic to show this year, but it was great to take a look at the new UI for 1.5, see the EPG, and watch some Live TV on it. It was also nice to raise the possibility of Copy-Freely Digital Cable Tuner support and PVR functionality with them. While clearly they weren’t going to give up […]

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Boxee Pipes Live TV to Your Facebook Timeline

Boxee has announced a new Facebook app that will take advantage of the forthcoming Boxee Live TV add-on. The new app will be opt-in, but if enabled, the app posts the show you are watching on Live TV to your Facebook Timeline and feed. Fortunately, the app doesn’t update until you have been viewing a program for two minutes, so […]

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Boxee Box Reviewed

Boxee Box

If you were one of the folks disappointed to hear that Boxee has hit the end of the road on PCs and thinking that maybe it’s time to consider moving to D-Link’s Boxee Box, then a fresh review might be in order. The Boxee 1.5 update is still in limited beta for the Boxee Box, but even in its current […]

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Iomega TV with Boxee Coming to Europe, Not US

It’s been quite a while since Iomega first announced their plans to build their own Boxee-based media streamer. The Iomega TV with Boxee went on sale in parts of Europe a few weeks ago and will be launching soon in more areas, but Iomega has no plans to bring the streamer to North America. Personally, I think this is an […]

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Boxee Box Live TV Confirmed

Boxee has confirmed that they will be adding live TV functionality. The new functionality leaked out about a week ago, but we now have our first peek at the dongle that Boxee will start selling in January. For $49, the Boxee folks are hoping you won’t see any reason not to add the live TV dongle if you are a […]

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Boxee iPad App Updated to Version 1.2


It seems no media streamer is complete these days without an accompanying mobile device app, and the Boxee Box is no exception. We liked the Boxee iPad when it launched a few months ago and it just keeps getting better. Like many other streamer apps, Boxee for iPad now includes remote control functionality, along with a collection of improvements to remote […]

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Spotify App Now Available on Boxee

The developers of Boxee have now teamed up with the folks over at Spotify and join forces and add the Spotify service to the Boxee platform. Now those Boxee users who are paying for the premium ($9.99/month) service are now able to access their unlimited streaming account from the comfort of their couch. I recently joined the Spotify bandwagon and […]

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DVBLink v4 Products are Released

DVB Logic Logo

The folks over at DVB logic have issued a new version of DVB link. Version 4 is built off of a completely new architecture and forms the basis for future development and extention of the product. Updates in this version include: the ability for 8 virtual tuners in Windows Media Center as well as support for live TV in Boxee, […]

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Boxee for iPad

At CES earlier this year we met with Boxee and had a preview of Boxee for iPad (Free), well today is the day.  Boxee for iPad has been released.  We have had a few days to play with it and I like. Boxee for iPadIt’s starting to feel like there’s so much to watch on the web that it’s hard […]

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SageTV Coming to Boxee Box

Many SageTV users are well aware of the skyrocketing eBay prices of the SageTV extenders after the company was purchased by Google and the extenders were pulled from retail. It seems SageTV extenders are about to get a second life in the form of the Boxee Box. An unsanctioned effort by third-party developers is underway to bring SageTV front-end functionality to […]

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