Boxee for iPad

At CES earlier this year we met with Boxee and had a preview of Boxee for iPad (Free), well today is the day.  Boxee for iPad has been released.  We have had a few days to play with it and I like.

Boxee for iPadIt’s starting to feel like there’s so much to watch on the web that it’s hard keeping track. We’re hoping Boxee for iPad gives people one place to discover, watch, and share video from the web and their computers.  

Link to Boxee’s iPad page:
Screenshots are here:

PDF Feature List:

Boxee Media Manager
We’ve created a lightweight app to stream video files from a computer in nearly any format over to the iPad without the need to convert or sync anything – Boxee does it all on the fly.  Download the Boxee Media Manager from our updated downloads page (click on the iPad and go from there).

Download the Boxee Media Manager:

It was time for a facelift.  The Boxee Bookmarklet now looks cleaner, works better, and integrates directly with the iPad so you can easily bookmark videos from the web and watch them later on any Boxee device.  

Check it out at:

[Boxee for iPad]

I encourage anyone with an iPad (with or without a Boxee Box) to try it out.  Boxee for iPad is not just a companion for Boxee Box.  Full review coming but for now if you have any questions feel free to ask. Screenshots after the break.