Niveus TV Everywhere Solution Now Supports Live Cable TV

This isn’t really directly affecting any of us yet, but it’s a good glimpse at what Niveus has been up to since abandoning the high end home theater HTPC market. Interesting to see SiliconDust CableCARD tuners involved given the delays. Still, should be interesting to see what comes of this and what OEMs pick it up.

Niveus is excited to announce that the Niveus Connected Platform (NCP) now supports live cable television, enabling cable subscribers to securely stream and store premium content from their DVRs or CableCARD™ tuners across the home network to a range of enabled consumer devices including PCs and Tablets, with support for Mobile and Smart TV devices in early 2012.


  • Interesting development. I

    Interesting development. I wonder if this might lead to being able to share protected content in Media Center among HomeGroup computers running Media Center?


    Nivues acer box looks


    Nivues acer box looks something similar to DISH Network’s sling adapter which allows customers to watch both live TV and DVR content. The sling adapter works on more mobile devices than just PC’s and Tablets. I can watch TV on mobile devices like Smartphone’s, Tablets and Laptops and there is no additional monthly charge for this. Working for DISH Network I can tell you we have created a free app that allows our customers to use manage their DVR recordings and use the device as a remote. Its called Dish Remote Access and one other thing that I would like to add is you need to connect the sling adapter to a compatible 722 or 722k DVR in order to use the sling adapter to its full use!