SlingPlayer for Boxee Box hands-on

Do you love the Boxee Box but can’t live without real-time TV? Well…Slingbox is aiming to help you out as they are working on an app for Boxee that will let you stream directly to it. It’s kind of a cluster as you have to launch the app, then connect to the Slingbox, and then start streaming…but it’s a step […]

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Western Digital TV Live Hub

At a $199 price point there are a LOT of choices when it comes to media player, but so far the reviews on the WD have been very positive. Make sure to check out our Buyer’s Guide for Media Players if you are in the market! If a media player and a video streaming NAS mated and had a child, […]

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Boxee Software Client Getting an Update…Eventually

Every few months I get curious about WMC alternatives and end up loading Boxee. I’ve always found it just a little too rough around the edges. When the Boxee Box first came out I was hopeful that this would provide the development impetus that would turn Boxee into a viable WMC replacement, at least in my book.  Unfortunately, my hopes have […]

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Boxee Box D-Link DSM-380


As we can see from the video Boxee provides an excellent first experience with the device with friendly retail packaging and includes an HDMI cable so most users will be able to get started when they bring it home. Device Love it or not, the Boxee Box is certainly unique–sure to stand out in any environment.  How desirable that is […]

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