BitFenix Ghost Case Reviewed

BitFenix Ghost.jpg

I’ve been thinking of building a new home server, and though I won’t need a new case for this particular upgrade, if I did, then there would really only be two attributes that would concern me: hard drive bays and silent performance. It’s quite possible that the BitFenix Ghost would have made my short list at some point. The Ghost may only have four internal 3.5″ drive bays, but it has three 5.25″ drive bays just begging for a 5-drive backplane. The Ghost also sports a hot-swap drive bay, a feature I adore for backup rotations, but more importantly, BitFenix intended the Ghost to be a marvel of silent computing. Designing a case that holds a lot of drives is relatively easy. Designing a case that remains quiet when full of drives is a serious challenge.

Ghost is designed for silence. The silent case category has proven to be a very popular undertaking and BitFenix are not a brand that will sit back and have therefore brought to market their rendition of how a silent case should be. Ghost has been given silencing material and a stealthy look that promises to bode well for those demanding silence as the order of the day…