ZOTAC ZBOX Nano AD12 Plus Reviewed


I am going to go out on a limb here and admit that I am a sucker for a cute, little PC. There’s just something about small form factor PCs that has always caught my attention. There was a time when Shuttle was the belle of the SFF ball, but these days the field is quite a bit more crowded, and one of the companies that consistently turns heads is ZOTAC with their ZBOX lineup of mini-PCs. The ZBOX Nano AD12 was just announced last month to replace the AD11 as ZOTAC’s AMD representative for their next to smallest version of the ZBOX. The 2GB of RAM and 320 GB hard drive that set the Plus apart from the standard ZBOX doesn’t really do much for me, but the diminutive PC itself seems to have a great deal to offer.

Overall the device feels quite sturdy in its casing, and flipping the unit over reveals an interesting aspect about it’s underside. The four raised legs are actually screws, which you can twist open to remove the bottom plate and expose the memory slot and hard drive if you want to do a quick hardware upgrade. The system bundles with 2GB of RAM and a 320GB 5400RPM HDD, and you can upgrade the RAM up to 8GB.