Google TV Gets AirPlay with Airtight App

Airtight App

I have become a bit of a fan of AirPlay over the last several months. I have to admit that there is something undeniably cool about starting Pandora on my iPod and pushing the stream out to my receiver with just the touch of a virtual button. Google TV users who want to get their device in on the AirPlay action can too thanks to the recently released Airtight app. The $0.99 app is still pretty limited as it only supports photo and video streaming. Music streaming and mirroring are still in the works, so I won’t be pushing Pandora to the Logitech Revue just yet. Hopefully the developers won’t run into any legal trouble with Apple. I know that there are developers that have built apps for making WMC play nice with AirPlay that haven’t received any legal missives, but activity on a Google platform might attract more attention in Cupertino at the moment.

However, the app is still in beta and can only stream videos and photos at the moment. It doesn’t yet support features such as music and mirroring. It also isn’t sanctioned by Apple, which could take legal action to prevent Airtight from using AirPlay technology for Android devices.