Passively Cooled GPUs at Computex 2011


If you’re looking for your next ultimate GPU that is silent, it appears there will be a plethora of choices in the market. Anandtech brings us pictures of several displayed at Computex.

The graphics card pictured here is actually a single-slot ZOTAC model with an NVIDIA GT 430 that is completely passively cooled and of all things, PCI! I’m shocked there’s enough demand for new PCI video cards in general, let alone for PCI cards that are passively cooled.

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In general, we see a trend in the market preference for quieter, smaller, cheaper, and more powerful GPUs.  In reality, we might see two or three of these features in a product, at the expense of the other( s ).  I took the opportunity to visit as many vendors as my time allowed in Computex to find GPUs which could potentially fit into these categories.