Intel HD2500 GPU Tested at AnandTech


We haven’t had a chance to take a HTPC-centric look at IVB’s HD 2500 so more traditional gaming-style reviews will have to do – stepping into that space AT takes a look at the GPU. Unfortunately, there’s no look at its capability with respect to madVR, but since they found that

The 2500’s performance is tangibly worse than last year’s HD 3000 offering (which makes sense given the 6 EU configuration) and it’s not good enough to be considered playable in any of the games we tested.


since HD 3000 was just barely enough for the advanced video renderer, it doesn’t look promising. Good thing that the next round of IVB (including a sweet looking 65W i5 with HD 4000) are coming in the next week or so.

“Perfect” is of course relative, so I’m not prepared to write off HD 2500 for those not interested in madVR, we’ll just have to wait and see how it performs when we get the chance to really probe its prowess in the HTPC.